Working time schemes and pay systems

Working time is a limited resource. It is important to employ it economically reasonable, especially in a high wage country, to contribute to the success of an organization. That is why working time schemes have to meet several requirements:

  • It has to „breath“ according to the variability in capacity utilization (e.g. via flexible working time schemes)
  • It has to cover the operation time of the production even if it deviates from the working time schemes which are agreed upon through collective bargaining or shop agreements (e.g. shift working)
  • Differing interests from employer and employees when it comes to the disposal of working time need to be taken into consideration without causing additional costs.

In order to meet those requirements, sci engineers offers the following services to design appropriate working time schemes:

  • Matching interests of all parties involved in the process
  • Definition of rules to change defined working time schemes (e.g. certain notice times)
  • Support in the design of innovative working time schemes

Pay systems have the task to compensate the workers for their work done as well as to guide their performance goal-directed. Modern pay systems therefore have to sensitize the workers for their part in the whole production process and the goals that are connected with it. In doing so, the workers better reach the goals agreed upon which leads to an increase in performance. To help companies in designing the appropriate pay system we offer the following services:

  • Support especially during introduction of ERTV and the corresponding implementation
  • Development of pay systems like targets agreements or bonus schemes taking into consideration legal regulations and rules from collective bargaining
  • Support in the development, negotiation and implementation of pay systems
  • Moderation of negotiations in the early stages of the process as well as training of executives and employees afterwards

Last but not least, we adjust working time schemes and pay systems together with all parties concerned.