Change management

Change processes are part of everyday business. However, in order to make the change successful and to avoid crisis situations, all parties that are affected by the change need to be involved.

Changes always take place in an area of conflict which can be characterized by differing interests. Those affected can have interests which differ from employer or employee representative interests. We understand our role as moderator within this area of conflict. We support change processes in a way that all people concerned get a clear picture of the change process and understand its background. Moreover, we enable them to involve themselves in the design and implementation of the change. All in all, our ambition is to reach a good result which all parties can accept and apply in their daily work.

For this reason, our offer to design changes successfully, is:

  • Moderation of negotiations between business partners
  • Conflict management
  • Steering of change processes
  • Attendance, coordination and moderation of projects