We support organisations which find themselves before or directly in a change situation. The center of our approach is the development of a growth strategy as well as the conception and implementation of concrete solutions. Instead of using standardized solutions we care for our clients on an individual basis. We do this by analyzing the specific needs and circumstances of our customers in order to reach the perfect fit for our solutions. In doing so, we put emphasis on showing and implementing reasonable alternatives to avoid reduction of capacities, closure of production or industry relocations.

To realize our approach we include all parties that are affected by or included in the change. Organisational change inevitably fails and cannot be sustainable if those parties are not addressed. Since economic problems often do not only have one single but a whole bunch of causes, we follow an all-embracing approach to cover all possible roots of the problem. This approach contains the examination of strategy, processes, structures, systems and products.

Herefore, we offer:

  • Economic reports
  • Working time schemes and pay systems
  • Process and work organisation
  • Change management
  • Growth and innovation strategies