Sadi Carnot

Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot lived from 1796 – 1832. As an engineer at the École Polytechnique he was concerned with the mode of functioning of industrially used steam engines used at that time.

In 1824 he established his theory about an ideally working heat engine in his publication 'Sur la puissance motrice de feu'. The basic thought was that the phlogiston in such a machine is not just consumed but instead descends from a hot to a cold compound. Carnot believed through his research that the higher the offset temperature is the higher is the efficiency of the ideal machine. Based on this assumption Carnot made suggestions to improve the efficiency of steam engines.

His innovative way of thinking and acting seemed worth emulating to us when sci engineers was founded in 1987. Thereby, we experienced that the main focus of businesses is rather on technical efficiency than on the innovation of product programs or improvement of organisational processes and production methods.
That is why we orientate ourselves to Sadi Carnot when we support our customers to renew their products, processes and organization.